Mother's Day Menu


Insalata Di Mare

Seafood salad {mussels, shrimp, clams, and calamari} in a vermouth dressing


Prosciutto e Melone

Prosciutto di Parma, melon, and arugula



Fried calamari, shrimp, and zucchini


Cozze Sautéed

Mussels sautéed in white wine garlic sauce


Carpaccio di Polipo

Thinly sliced octopus in a lemon sauce topped with arugula salad and rainbow cherry tomatoes


Burrata con Bruschetta

Burrata, arugula, and toasted bread with marinated tomatoes




Jumbo lump crab meat, ginger, celery, avocado, and hearts of palm



Iceberg, homemade croutons, Caesar dressing, and shaved parmigiano



Baby arugula with pears, toasted walnuts, and truffle pecorino cheese



Wedge salad with blue cheese, bacon bits, and cherry tomatoes



Gnocchi al Ragu

Gnocchi in a classic Bolognese sauce


Fiocchetti al Tartufo

Money bag pasta filled with truffle in a porcini mushroom and truffle sauce


Linguine alle Vongole

Linguine with manilla clams and a touch of Etna Bianco white wine


Penne Vodka

Penne with a creamy pink vodka sauce


Linguine allo Scoglio

Linguine with clams and mussels in a cherry tomato sauce




Pan seared wild caught salmon with roasted potatoes and mixed vegetables



Grilled filet of branzino with an arugula and cherry tomato salad and roasted potatoes


Petto di Pollo alla Parmigiana

Breaded chicken cutlet baked with cheese and tomato sauce served with pasta


Parmigiana di Melanzane

Baked eggplant with mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, and basil


Filetto di Manzo

8 oz. pan seared filet mignon with mashed potatoes and asparagus




Pomodoro San Marzano, fior di latte, fresh basil, and extra virgin olive oil



Pomodoro San Marzano, hot soppressata, fior di latte, fresh basil, and extra virgin olive oil



Pomodoro San Marzano, fior di latte, Italian ham, hot soppressata, mushrooms, artichoke, kalamata olives and extra virgin olive oil


4 Formaggi

Fior di latte, fontina cheese, gorgonzola cheese and parmigiano



Fior di latte, mortadella, pistachio, and burrata cheese


Mother’s Day

Pomodoro del Piennolo, fior di latte, prosciutto di Parma, ricotta, parmigiano, and fresh basil